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I have had it with UPC

Once again I have had to call UPC this morning in what is becoming something of a very frustrating soap series between UPC and myself. My husband is at the stage that he will not even talk with you guys after all the years of troubles that we have had with UPC.

About 5 weeks ago I finally called and asked that something be done about our problem with the old media box. Recording of a show was extremely frustrating since it gave a constant - not available - sign when looking to see it something had been planned for recording. What this actually meant is that some things were recorded and some things weren't.

It was arranged that a technician would come and fix it.
Couldn't be any easier, you would think.

The technician arrived giving a very rushed impression. He saw the problem, got a 'new' media box and measured the signal.
The signal was all wrong. He looked in our meter cupboard and said that the person who had connected everything had done it wrongly.
I assured him that the only people in there regarding TV, telephone and internet were UPC.
Not possible he said - we don't use this stuff (his words).
So I am a liar.
Believe me, the only people in my meter cupboard touching the UPC equipment/connections is indeed UPC.
To say I was annoyed doesn't even close, I am not a liar, never have been.

The guy fiddled around in the meter cupboard, said that everything should be fine now and left.
He didn't test anything, just left. He was in a hurry, was annoyed and made this very clear.

After he left I discovered that our internet and landline telephone service (also UPC) was down.
This was a Friday and my husband had to use internet during the weekend for work so I called UPC and said that they HAD to get it sorted TODAY since we needed it during the weekend.
Oh yes, and the problem with the media box was still there of course.

In the afternoon, a new tech guy arrived, sympathized with me and said that he would get it sorted.
The media box would not get sorted he said since there are no new media boxes - they are ALL re-cycled. So when you send in a broken one, it gets a quick check, repaired - a bit - and then sent/brought out to unassuming customers like myself.

He took one look in the meter cupboard and uttered the words - I don't know who put all this in here - but it's all wrong, I'll fix it.
In all honesty, he did. Within a couple of hours we had internet, telephone and the wonky media box.
In other words back to where we started.
This was the tech guy who said that we would be better off with Horizon since most of the start up problems had been fixed with Horizon and that actually there were less problems with Horizon than with the old media box.

2 weeks later another tech guy came to install the Horizon box.
We thought that our problems were over.

He came, looked in the meter cupboard and uttered the now familiar words for us - I don't who did this but it's all wrong.
He did his thing, renewed everything in the meter cupboard AGAIN, installed the entire thing, had some problems with internet (remember this part), got everything sorted and then left.

About one hour after he left, I discovered that the landline was once again not working.
I tried to get onto internet.
It worked but it was SO SLOW that I couldn't open anything.

Once again the tech people at UPC had worked their magic. Nothing worked properly - except we assumed - the Horizon box.

Once again I called and once again I said (slightly less friendly than I normally am) - FIX IT - TODAY!!!!!

Once again, a tech guy came that day and once again - you will NOT believe this but believe it is unfortunately true - he said - I don't know who did all this in the meter cupboard, but it's all wrong.
If this wasn't so stupid, it would be funny.

OK, he left and we had a good, working internet, a telephone that worked and a Horizon box.

Exactly 2 weeks after getting the horizon box, I sent an email to customer service/complaints (on August 1st) about the problems we are having with Horizon.
I don't want to write down all the problems since i would be here all day, but it is enough to say that EVERY SINGLE DAY we have problems with the stupid thing.
I am so sorry that I ever started with this service.

To this day I have received nothing in reply to my complaint except an automatically generated message that they have received the complaint and will get back to me as soon as possible.
This morning I had such a large problem with the horizon box that I called customer service (again).
Their only reply was that this is a known problem and that they are working on it.

I asked about a reply to my email.
Her reply - yes, they are very busy and will get back to me as soon as possible, my complaint was still open and that meant that it hadn't yet been seen.
No, she could not transfer my call to them, they are not available by phone.
I could try by email.
I tried to be patient with her but I was getting angry (I remained polite though) when I said, they don't answer emails, so what's the point of sending one.

I have received some legal advice about this.
UPC, you are legally in breach of contract with this.
I have a contract with you that you provide a service for me that I pay for.
The trouble is that you DON'T provide this service - breach of contract.
I am within my rights to 1)get a refund for the service NOT provided and 2)stop all payments until the service is properly restored

I don't want to do this since I do want a good working service however not when it suits you but according to the terms of the contract.
However if you do not adhere to the terms of the contract you leave me with no other course of action.

Please react in a timely manner - which means today!
Gewijzigd door Schox-Funai op 07 augustus 2013, 12:04
Of course - nothing has happened except that the Horizon box isn't working at all now
and they cannot help me.
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14 februari 2015, 11:52
Met de fusie met Ziggo verdwijnen er ook een paar leuke kanalen zoals 13TH street, C&I, History. Al gezien?

10 januari 2015, 13:08
@Mariapica Hebben de buren wel nog steeds signaal? En heb je al geprobeerd een TV rechtstreeks aan te sluiten en vervolgens zenders automatisch laten zoeken? Zo kun je uitsluiten of het signaal totaal

09 januari 2015, 14:27
Das lekker alles ligt er uit, en ze komen pas dinsdag langs.

31 december 2014, 23:18
Een geweldig 2015 toegewenst! Tip voor een goed voornemen: in 2015 ons vaker te bezoeken en te helpen waar het kan! Cheer

30 december 2014, 12:16
UPC Horizon/Power 120mbit.. 1 euro duurder geworden, en sinds september opeens dubbele uploadsnelheid Yeah